Precision Matters

U2™ Knee All-in-One Block-Sizer

Supports both anterior and posterior referencing. Guides all 13 sizes of femoral cuts in one block. Reduces the need to stock and sterilise multiple instruments.
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Meagans Story

Raising Awareness Of Tissue Donation

In memory of Meagan; a heart recipient and tissue donor
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Introducing our iJoint Division

Innovative Hip and Knee Solutions

Bringing innovative and cost effective implant technologies to the UK
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Adjustable loop suspensory fixation

Designed by Dr P. Colombet, PULLUP® is a novel adjustable loop suspensory fixation device offering the surgeon confident stability with intra-operative choice.
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Nerve Allografts

Hospital Innovations is proud to be the first company to introduce nerve allografts to the UK
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Our Spring Bank Holiday Opening Hours

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Symmetry Surgical's Bookwalter Retractor in Grey's Anatomy

In a recent episode of the hit American medical drama Grey's Anatomy, the Bookwalter Retractor has featured as an instrument...

Reflections of Life and the outcomes of donation

A touching video revealing the positive impact of donation, created by our tissue bank partners RTI Donor Services.