About the Skills Academy

Hospital Innovations has launched an education and training platform for surgeons.

The aim of the Skills Academy is to enhance and share best practice within the medical community. Hospital Innovations promotes responsible use of its key products whilst educating and engaging key influencers in the field of medicine. The continuous innovation and development of technologies in line with market trends is of great importance.

Phil Davies, Managing Director of Hospital Innovations, said "As we progress into our new growth phase, and in line with our innovations strategy, we are proud to introduce the Skills Academy, our umbrella platform for all training and educational initiatives. We believe that sharing best practice in our fields of expertise will drive our future, ensuring responsible use of our innovative technologies and enabling our customers to enhance and develop their skills base. We have acknowledged the need for a variety of educational programmes in order to deliver and meet the expectations and clinical needs of our customers, whilst also having the ability to adapt and tailor each training programme to individual customers. All of our training courses and material have been designed with patient benefit in mind."

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