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Kerrison® Micro Rongeur

Hospital Innovations' Kerrison® Micro Rongeurs are ceramic coated with the addition of a thin footplate and a smaller 9mm opening; making it ideal for cervical and lumbar procedures. This range of instruments are available in multiple cutting angles and working lengths.

The Spine portfolio also includes:

Karlin™ Cervical Curettes

  • Forward, backward, straight and angled variations
  • Multiple size options available

Anterior Cervical Fusion Kit

  • Used for the removal of ruptured cervical disc lesions
  • Mixture of dowel cutters, drill tips and guard guides
Symmetry Spine Catalogue (10770kb)

Contact details for your local sales representative can be accessed here.

We accept orders by phone, fax or email:

Phone: 01443 719 555

Email: orders@hospitalinnovations.co.uk

Fax: 01443 719 560


We offer a number of different delivery services; for more information please contact the Customer Service team at info@hospitalinnovations.co.uk.

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